Who owns Customer Experience?

Who Owns Customer Experience?

The current thinking seems to be the marketing organisation, the CMO, but is this right, and why should marketing own the delivery of the experience when there are any number of other organisations where this could be done from?

Business Operations, HR, Finance, Sales or Customer Support or even IT are other possible contenders. The problem is it could be anyone of them and all have, or should have a stake in the experience provided to the customer. A data point from a survey from Accenture shows, only 49% of CMOs agree with the statement “Marketing owns the customer experience”.

Clearly this is a tough one with the argument continuing in many boardrooms as the realisation that “Customer Experience” is moving from buzz word to differentiator.

This applies to both B2B and B2C and despite technology playing an increasingly larger part in the customers experience the experience is all about human to human interactions and the way that each of the organisations view their customer.

The discussion needs to focus upon the specific organisational viewpoint and resource provision, HR, IT, Operations to Sales, Marketing, Support and so on. The way HR looks at the customer’s needs will be quite different from that of, Sales for instance. To be success all have to be aligned around a single idea of success.

In an ideal world businesses would create a board level position with the support and influence to develop and implement the changes needed, in some cases this is happening but it can be a risk and requires some investment and cross organisational support to make it successful.

The key here is to make a small change from ownership to accountability, this then turns the situation around from that of a position of ownership power to that of delivery responsibility. The question then becomes not some much of who has ownership but where the responsibility lies and that has to be at board level who can then delegate the responsibility whilst retaining the accountability.

That CX is becoming an opportunity to some and a threat to others is without doubt. How to address and meet the challenge firmly rests with a combination of people from across the organisations sponsored by the board.

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