The 7 Ps Approach to Customer Experience V 2

Written by John Morris

We developed the 7Ps to help organisations take a strategic approach to establishing a Customer Experience capability.

Getting the right balance of investment and effort across the model enables businesses to take a more pragmatic, agile and practical approach and having the right balance with continual check and balance across.

  • Set Up: Purpose, People, Position
  • The Delivery: Progress, Personalisation, Payoff
  • Next Steps: Plan

Customer Experience is primarily about managing change and change requires commitment from everyone within the organisation.

This e-book will show you how to move forward.

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Taking a pragmatic approach

There are many books and articles covering Customer Experience, why it's important, the features and benefits and in many cases going into detail regarding the psychology, motivations and drivers of why customers behave and respond to different types of experiences.

In this e-book we take a more pragmatic approach where we look more at how to establish, implement and manage a customer experience capability based on the 7Ps approach created by the JXD Consultants team.

As will all real life activities we are continuing to fine tune and evolve the 7Ps approach as we learn more from those who are implementing so make sure you visit us regularly to get the latest on the experiences.


The first part of this e-book takes a look at the fundamentals of why a customer experience is needed and help you to decide what you want to gain from it. We look at who is involved and how they should be aligned for the best opportunity to succeed. To this end the first part is split into 3 sections as follows. Purpose, why a CX program is required, People, who is involved to ensure success and Position, where CX personnel should sit within the organisation to be the most effective.

The Delivery

The next part of the e-book looks at the delivery elements which comprise, Progress, what is being achieved, where are the challenges and what is causing them, Personalisation, this recognises that any experience a customer receives will always be very personal whether it be good, bad or indifferent and finally Pay Off, with all the effort and commitment being made is it really making any bottom line improvement to competitiveness, profitability or growth?

Next Steps

As with all business activities we see the need for change driven by the need to remain competitive. The customer experience element of business is no exception and being relatively new is allowing those with vision to set out their Plan get one or two steps ahead of the competition. New technology innovations, evolving customer demands, legislation changes and competitive & disruptive threats are all going to have an impact with those seizing the opportunities likely to get ahead of the rest.

From the readers...

I've just been reading through the 7Ps approach to customer support e-book from JXD Consultants. The authors have found an interesting and useful way of structuring the approach to implementing and tracking customer experience, removing many of the usual buzz words and providing a clear and structured way of laying out the pathway to implementation.

Will Pateman, Service Manager APM Fire & Security

From the readers...

Really enjoyed reading the 7Ps Approach to Customer Experience, it’s a brilliant business tool, insightful and helped me to reflect on how I could incorporate for improved business success. Simply structured leading you through the various stages making it easier to identify with and apply to any problem areas. Marisa Colbourn, Owner and Founder of BelieveHR and Believe Business Consultancy

The 7Ps E-Book

Written by John Morris & David Tovey

In a world of buzz words and business speak we have set out to remove the mystique from the development and delivery of great customer experiences. The E-Book will take you through the 7 steps that will ensure you are delivering consistent customer experiences that will deliver a positive ROI.

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