Customer Experience

For Profit

By John Morris & David Tovey

The goal of the book is to provide a structured approach to the development and implementation of a customer experience capability within an organisation. The book is designed to take the reader through a combination of educational techniques, practical examples and personal experiences where we demonstrate how improving the experience for the customer can build relationships with employees, customers and suppliers and improve performance and profitability for the company.

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Taking away the jargon and mystique

Lets face it, customer experience has become an industry with it's own jargon, mystique and myths. The sad thing is that this is playing it's part in keeping 'CX' off the boardroom agenda at the very time when the boardroom has become the vital element that can make or break any customer experience initiative.

At a high level

Getting to grips with what Customer Experience is about, with so much talk and material available discussing Customer Experience we have set out to demystify this with our 7 step approach which breaks customer experience it up into digestible, logical steps that will guide the reader through the process. Starting with why this needs to be done, recognising the people involved, how they should be organised and the benefits and pay back this brings.

Getting into the detail

Building any new capability become complex as we get into the detail. This book then goes on to identify the primary items within each of the elements of customer experience getting into the detail providing references and methodologies for defining, delivering and embedding customer centric capabilities within the company, identifying how to determine the success and how to ready the organisation for the next steps.

Where next

As with all business activities we see the need for change driven by the need to remain competitive. The customer experience element of business is no exception and being relatively new is allowing those with vision to get one or two steps ahead of the competition. New technology innovations, evolving customer demands, legislation changes and competitive & disruptive threats are all going to have an impact with those seizing the opportunities likely to get ahead of the rest.

The 7 P's of Customer Experience

Written by John Morris & David Tovey

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