Customer Experience Leadership

Written by John Morris

We complied this e-book to address the key questions many business leaders may have regarding Customer Experience. During 2017 Customer Experience didn't really seem to advance, with many companies seeming to decommit from investing further in customer experience capabilities. At JXD Consultants we believe this is a missed opportunity and encourage business leaders to re engage.

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Managing the ROI

One of the biggest barriers we have come across when talking to business leaders is determining how deploying a customer centric organisation can be made to pay. Most businesses seem to be doing well, with a couple notable exceptions so when business is thriving there is a tendency for complacency to set in. Intuitively we know that the best time to make changes is when business is thriving. With that in mind we have provided some food for thought on why now is the best time to become more customer centric and the benefits it can bring.

Why now?

There has been an increase in media reports about the erosion of the high street, the rapid growth of online retail, banking sector closing branches, transportation costs spiralling as the service declines, as well as the digitalisation of services. So it seems clear that many businesses are forgetting about the customer and what they require. So now is the right time to steal the initiative and get ahead of the crowd.

So what!

An Impact report by Oracle as far back as 2011 identified that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. With a great deal of investment going into growing loyalty now being wasted as there is now customer experience program to support it. Further returning customers spend on an average up to 67% more than first-time customers because they have come to trust the supplier.

Doing nothing?

Customers’ now have a much high expectation of brands today driven by a combination of the increase in competition, the knowledge they gain from the internet and social media streams. 75% of consumers say they are unwilling to stick with a brand that has treated them badly even if they love the brand’s products, so this is really no time to test customer loyalty.

From the readers...

I've just been reading through the 7Ps approach to customer support e-book from JXD Consultants. The authors have found an interesting and useful way of structuring the approach to implementing and tracking customer experience, removing many of the usual buzz words and providing a clear and structured way of laying out the pathway to implementation.

Will Pateman, Service Manager APM Fire & Security

From the readers...

Really enjoyed reading the 7Ps Approach to Customer Experience, it’s a brilliant business tool, insightful and helped me to reflect on how I could incorporate for improved business success. Simply structured leading you through the various stages making it easier to identify with and apply to any problem areas. Marisa Colbourn, Owner and Founder of BelieveHR and Believe Business Consultancy

Customer Experience Leadership

Written by John Morris & David Tovey

For Customer Experience to be successful and sustained it has to start and end at the top of the organisation, anything less will breed short termism and complacency.

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